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2024_03_08 Temporary Palaces-088.jpg

Studio Alloo is a creative studio based in the city of Amsterdam. Born during the global pandemic of 2020 the studio became a place where a creative hobby grew into a small business. With a great passion for design and art the studio is specialized in creating abstract texture artworks and curating home accessories. After a full year of studying materials, textures and mixtures Studio Alloo found it's signature vibe and feel. Home accessories are carefully curated throughout Europe. Studio Alloo is continuously working on new collections.


Wes is the artist, curator and owner of Studio Alloo. Growing up he had a creative mind with a passion for art. Throughout his life he expressed that creativity though dance and theatre. He rediscovered his talents and put it in his art. Together with his father, a former woodworker and firefighter, he made his first art project for the studio and learned he could do more than he thought. His family name was the perfect ode to his father and was fitting for the studio.

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